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                    In many ways, Arizona's beauty is embodied by its most famous natural landmark, the Grand Canyon; but there is so much more to the Grand Canyon State than its namesake. Arizona is vast and ancient, with a history defined by American Indians, larger-than-life adventurers, and diverse landscapes.

                    Only in Arizona


                    Meet the Maker

                    Crafters, builders, makers—their work tells stories about a place inasmuch as the place influences their work. Consider how the unique mix of...

                    Places to Stay

                    Surprising Places to Camp Your RV in Arizona

                    Whether you’re piling into a spacious RV with all of the bells and whistles or a hip camper van with a moon roof, overnighting on four wheels is...

                    Explore More


                    Find beauty and inspiration in Arizona's diverse communities and landscapes.

                    Outdoor Adventure

                    Endless adventure awaits you in Arizona: your ideal place to get away in the great outdoors. Hike or ride horseback along scenic desert trails....

                    Relax and Recharge

                    Relax & Recharge

                    Everybody knows a vacation can reinvigorate you. What if a vacation could change your life? Arizona spas are some of the best in the world,...


                    Eat & Drink

                    It’s a question that perpetually comes up at least once a day and maybe more: “Where do you want to eat?” Well, we’ve got answers—multiple ones!...

                    Get Inspired

                    Stories & Ideas

                    Let these articles, written by travelers and Arizona’s best travel writers, inspire you to embark on your own adventure. These inside...

                    Events & Festivals in Arizona

                    Find out what's happening

                    Mar 25-Apr 04

                    Mortimer Farms Easter Festival

                    12907 E St Rt 169
                    Dewey, Arizona 86327

                    Mar 26-28

                    Peppersauce UTV Fun Run

                    San Manuel, Arizona

                    Mar 27

                    Spring Festival at Mesa Historical Museum

                    2345 N. Horne
                    Mesa, Arizona 85203

                    Apr 10

                    Art In The Garden

                    5005 E Camelback Rd
                    Phoenix, Arizona 85018

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